Start a Balloon Twisting Business

One of children’s favourite toys is the balloon, and it will create more excitement if their balloons come in different shapes such as guns, swords, dogs, flowers, rabbits etc.

Balloon-twisting is a very low- cost business in which all you need is the skill to twist the balloon to different shapes, a manual pump and of course balloons.

You don’t even need a physical location to do this business, you can walk in the park and carry a few twisted balloons with you, and that’s it, you are in business.

What is the market potential for Part- Time Balloon- Twisting?

A twisted balloon sells at RM2.00 to RM5.00 depending on the difficulty of its design; that is about an additional RM0.30. Assuming the average selling price of the twisted balloon is RM3.00 and your average cost is RM0.50, your profit margin is RM2.50 per balloon.

Let’s say you manage to sell 50 balloons every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays ). Your potential income will be RM2.50 x 50 x 4 = RM500 per month.

Your target market place will be parks, children’s playgrounds, shopping malls (you might need to get permission from the management ), night market etc.

You can also market your service to parents who organize birthday parties for their children as well. A small birthday party with 30 children will bring you a handsome profit of RM2.50 x 30 = RM75.00 in just about an hour.

How can I start this Part -Time Balloon -Twisting Business?

All you need to do is to learn the skills of balloon- twisting. You can acquire the skills by buying a Video DVD which guides you step by step to twist balloons like a professional in a short period of time.

My opinion

This is one of the cheapest businesses to start. With less then RM100.00, the potential income is quite good considering in the long run you can sell the twisted balloons at children’s birthday parties. If someone can rent a stall at the shopping mall just to do this balloon- twisting business, I can imagine the profit from this business must be good.

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